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ATD LOCK & SECURITY can supply and install a large range of camera surveillance systems to accommodate most requirements. There is no doubt that the effects of closed circuit television (CCTV) have had a massive deterrent value and have reduced crime and disorder in specified areas. We design and install systems ranging from one single camera and monitor to a fully functional pan, tilt, zoom and infrared high speed dome cameras. Images are recorded on to time lapse recorders or digital hard disk storage. Y ou'll find it surprisingly cost effective to install and easy to use a CCTV.
cctv - closed circuit tv


Knowing who is at your door or gate before it is opened is not simply convenient - in today's world, it is an essential security measure. An Intercom system gives you the control of opening your house doors and gates from inside or outside your home. There are 3 different ways to open your gate or door to your property.

Radio Control - The most popular means of control. Operate your gates and garage door from your vehicle at a range of 100 feet +. Transmitters with one to six buttons are available from Gates Systems for control of gates, doors, lights, and more.
radio control

Intercom System - with or without visual contact (small LCD video monitor to view the person who ask to enter) allows two way speech between the entrance and your property. The gates can be controlled by a push of a button on the intercom hand set in the house. The added security of visual contact gives high security assurance. We offer a wide range of intercoms, available in aluminum, stainless steel and brass to suit all applications.

Digital Entry Pads - Our steel keypads fitted at your entrance allow access on entry of the correct four figure code. We can combine a digipad with an audio or video intercom in one neat unit.
digital entry pad


Consultation and Free Estimate

An ATD LOCK & SECURITY consultant will come to inspect your property and will provide you with the best security solutions for your needs.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for one of our experts to come out and inspect your premises. A detailed, Free Estimate is provided.

We are on the job 24 hours / 7 days a week, and are equipped to handle any type of job.

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